The Cleaveland Breaking News

More members have been added to the “News Team.”

1-John-Hammer-CBNDustin Klein joins the Team. Mr. Klein is an award-winning journalist, detail-oriented editor, bestselling author & engaging speaker. His history in the journalism business brings a richness to the character of John Hammer.

The following quote is from his LinkedIn profile. “Today, content is everything. Those who understand how to identify “the story” and tell it in any medium, to any audience, through any channel, will distinguish themselves in a world filled with pretenders. I am a writer & storyteller.”

We are very pleased to have Dustin aboard our “News Team” as Lead Anchor John Hammer (aka Jackhammer).

1-Cami-Harkless-Blanchard-as-Kathryne-TracyJohn Hammer’s former partner Katharine Tracy, played by Cami Harkless Blanchard has come aboard the news team. Like “Jackhammer,” Kate is very old school and both will have a bit of a time adjusting to the “show biz” like aspect of reporting.







German actress Ricarda  Harnischmacher Joins the News Team as Political Correspondent: Isabella Romy Schneider . Being from a foreign country, Romy will have a very unique take on politics in the US. Which plays into the coming of  Senator Nicholas J. Ferris. The Cleaveland Breaking News will get its own site by June 16, 2015 and include photos, video and the “news” on the events leading up to the storyline in the movie “que, sera, sera.”

Up and coming actor Randy Campbell joins the Cleaveland Breaking News as Anchor John Sbrocco. We chose his name because of the Donation of the real life John Sbrocco who helped our Campaign “Bring Crime 2 IMG_0251Cleaveland.”

Reporter John Sbrocco is pictured with Billie Hollis played by Katelynn Newberry who is a model, actress and singer.

Part of the movie series “de la Oscuridad”  involves the fictional news team, The Cleveland Breaking News.

The Cleveland Breaking News first appeared in the original series “Out of Darkness.”
E-CBN-1-Hudson-Heights 16

Clip from “The Cleveland Breaking News”


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