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Sexual Abuse

For years I have been writing about crime. The struggle of Good and Evil has always intrigued me. Yet, I can not ignore the real victims who suffer. So I decided that I could make “Crime Pay,” not just for me, but for the Real Victims. My latest story “de la Oscuridad” features a fictional foundation to help women who are victims of sexual abuse.

Click logo to donate to real victims of sexual abuse.


Domestic Abuse

Prelude2Cinema is committed to not only telling an entertaining crime story in de la Oscuridad, but helping the real police and real victims of crime. We are very pleased to have Laura Cowan as part of our series. Laura is a victim of abuse, but that has not defined her. She has formed The Laura Cowan Foundation to help women who are victims of domestic abuse, captivity and human trafficking. Laura will be showing up in the series as herself, before she moves in August to teach in Africa
Laura was featured on Newsnet 5 about the rise in Domestic Abuse Cases in the city. In our series, one of the characters is a victim of this all too real problem.

 See the Interview Here

Prelude2Cinema will make a donation to The Laura Cowan Foundation and feature Laura’s foundation in the storyline of the first season.

Besides being a very deserving cause, we chose to partner with Laura cause her real life Foundation mirrors the fictional “Little Girl Lost” in the storyline of our first season. Our goal with “de la Oscuridad” is to feature real life charities that our viewers can help.

Laura’s story has been covered many times in the press. Here she is featured on Anderson Cooper.


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